The Curated 2-Finger Gold Ring

The Curated 2-Finger Gold Ring


The Curated Double Finger Ring from our Stacked Collection is specifically designed to be worn across the pinky finger and the ring finger.


Each stacked band is a different weight and width.  The largest size band has been designed to be worn on the ring finger, which is the finger next to the pinky finger.  The other two bands have been designed to be worn on the pinky finger.  This allows the wearer the choice of wearing the ring on the pinky finger alone with the smaller bands stacked on top of the larger bands to ensure a good fit.


The D-shape band in the centre of the ring is the heaviest band in this stack and is flanked by two round bands of different weights and widths.  These rings are connected by two smaller round bands that loop between the three rings.


Customers who are not used to wearing pinky rings may want to opt for our Pinky ring as it will sit closer to the finger and move around less than the Curated Double Finger Ring which has the larger band designed for the ring finger.


You will need to select two sizes for this ring stack: 

1 - your pinky ring size

2 - the size of the ring finger next to your pinky


Our Trinity ring is another choice for those looking for a three tier ring to wear on other fingers.


All of our jewellery is hallmarked at the London Assay Office, a Goldsmiths group company.


If you require a different metal than what is available, please get in touch with us to place your order.



    • 9-carat yellow gold
    • Three-stack ring
    • Heavy weight of gold
    • Professionally hallmarked by the London Assay Office
    • Made to order, crafted by hand in London
    • Delivery in 4 - 6 weeks


    The ring can be made with 9ct yellow gold, 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold and can also be made with mixed metals at your request.  




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