Solid gold stacking ring sets

The Stacked Collection

The Stacked Collection has been created based on the famous interlocking style of the Russian wedding ring.  The traditional Russian wedding ring combines three different colours of precious metal, yellow, rose and white gold, and was first seen in 19th century Russian wedding culture.  The interlocked bands have remained within the tradition over the years and are now a prominent style within fashion culture around the world.

This interlocking style is something Lucille has used throughout her design career, using different ways of interlocking fine solid gold wire to create luxury jewellery collections, such as the necklaces in The Warrior Collection, and building on this design to create a previous collection of stackable and interlocking rings based around the Russian wedding ring.  

The Stacked Collection draws on the interconnecting style of rings used in Lucille's past fine jewellery collections, but gives the wearer several choices of style by allowing the rings to be worn on one finger or across multiple fingers.



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